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(Athena BlackWel )
21 / Female / Single
Queens, New York - United States
↱ Athena BlackWel

⇉ Boss of her Own Agenda

↳ Mutant ↳ Bone-afide Badass ↳ Curses more then a sailor.
↳ Natural resting bitch face ↳ Enjoys her headphones, more then you.

⇉ Chaotic Neutral ⇉ Fights for the unspoken & unheard.

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" God, its finally summer weather, i am so ready for the beach!"
Mood: amused
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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. “ No, totally didn’t notice.”
 Mar 8th 2019 03:01

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Felicia was in a furious range, not that she’d show it. She didn’t like people biting out touching things that were her’s, as controlling as it sounded. Felicia had found herself attached to Athena and that made her forget many important lessons she’d learnt over the years.

“King Pin or not, I’ll stop him, alright?” Felicia stated with a small smile, gently rubbing Athena’s damp cheek.

“I’ll get Peter on it. Don’t tell him I told you this, but he is smarter than some areas anyway.” She joked, a small smile on her lips as she tried to lighten the mood in that cold and dark room.

“An old lady once told me that a certain special tea is the perfect medicine for a frightened mind. I’ll make you some.” Felicia insisted, stroking the girls short hair.

|| All good, lovely!
May 18th 2019 23:50

"Hiiiiiiii" Freddy said whilst smiling at the female "I'm Freddy, Freddy Freeman!" he smiles yet again as if he was a toddler opening a present
May 3rd 2019 06:26

“Indeed I am. I lived on Chandilar for most of my life. Earth is a strange place to me”

The moment of truth, either she would like his present or she would despise it and lie to his face.

He based the gift he got her from their past conversations. She said she liked AC/DC. So what better then to get her tickets and a signed shirt?

“I wanted to get a CD as well but my father said that the earthlings don’t use those a lot. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to use it since the technology has advanced beyond that point”
Apr 16th 2019 16:57

“Yup, a present, just for you”

New found smile forming on his face as she looks at him in disbelief.

“I’m aware. But I heard that on earth it is customary to give birthday gifts to people you call ‘friends’. Is that how it works?”

Truly, his mother could not teach him everything about earth culture, nor could his father. Most of the time he had to set out to discover things all on his own.

“Again, I hope it is alright. We’ve only spoken to each other once or twice so I don’t really have an idea of what you like”
Apr 16th 2019 16:12

“I know I’m a little late for this, but I heard it was your birthday yesterday”

“So, Happy Birthday Athena! May the gods bless you and whoever you call your family.”

He hands her a small box with a ribbon wrapped around it, a little card attached to it.

“I’m not sure of what you like since we don’t have conversations often, but I hope you like it. If you don’t, that’s fine. People have different tastes and whatnot”
Apr 16th 2019 15:24

Felicia lifted her hands up, looking down at the young girl in shock when she felt her arms around her waist, the girls head burying into her chest.

Felicia slowly lowered her arms down, placing one hand on her back, and the other on the girls head.

“Athena...” She whispered sadly as she slowly walked the girl back over to her bed.

“Who’s eyes?” She asked softly as she tilted the girls chin up. “Sh-Sh-Sh.” She hushed, wiping a tear from her cheek.

“You tell me right now, whose eyes?” She asked, gently, but clearly, Felicia was enraged.

Whoever’s eyes they were...they wouldn’t have them by the morning.
Apr 16th 2019 05:07

Felicia had somehow found herself dating with Athena in her small apartment block they’d managed to find the young girl whilst they continued their climb to power.

Though, she had slept an ounce. Not because she herself was having bad dreams, though, like Athena, she had been a victim to them herself. She couldn’t sleep because she wasn’t with Peter, who was on some sort of mighty work, that Felicia couldn’t care less about. And. She was laying on a ten year old couch and now all she could think about was what sort of invested animists had been sleeping on it.

So, the woman had spent the night watching TV, finding some terrible romance from the 1950’s in black and white.

Felicia hasn’t heard anything that night. Not until she heard a scream from the room next door.

It was almost like a motherly instinct took control of Felicia’s mind, not even questioning her actions to jump up and run to Athena’s door, which was of course, locked.

“Athena!” Felicia yelled as she jiggled at the door handle. Sure, she could have the door unlocked in a couple seconds, but she herself knew the importance of privacy in a girls life.

“Athena!? Are you okay?”
Apr 12th 2019 03:17

"Okay then." Athena really did have a death wish. If she wanted him to kill her then would do so without question. Throwing another iron kunai into her other knee the two conductive weapons would spark and the electricity throughout her body would focus on her knees.

"Do you like tattoos Athena chan?" He asked her casually.

"Nigekki Kessatsu Suzumebachi." He called out the command for the sword awakening of a former superior, it was a perfect and clean assassination technique because it never left anything behind.

The stinger like blade covered his middle finger which was connected to a gold and black arm guard. It resembled a yellow jacket wasp design.

Just to torture her an idea came to mind. Stinging Athena four times on the left forearm, right shoulder, neck ,and left thigh butterfly like Mark's appeared on her skin and clothing basically serving as targerlts should he decide to go for the second sting which results in immediate death.

"Look at me." He said grabbing her chin and picking her head up to look at him.

Releasing her from the genjutsu she would find herself on the floor once again but this time still covered with the butterfly Mark's and her knees didn't have any damage to them but they sure as hell hurt like she had been actually stabbed.

Mar 30th 2019 10:35

"I can see you think I am the common illusionist. Allow me to bring you somewhere that you can see what is going on."

The underwater scene shifted to a prison where Athena was strapped tightly into an electric chair.

"How about we take it to the next level then as I tell you a simple fact."

The chair had levels of intensity 1-11 aside from that she would see Roshoku with all of his weapons strapped to him. Turning the chair on level 3 she would start to feel jolts of electricity coursing through her body.

"If you die here, you die in the so called real life, even in death you cannot escape me. Your acts of trying to show out against me will only lead you to an eternity of torture."

Throwing a kunai which lodged into her right knee the pain would feel all to real.

"I could turn your friend against you with just a glance. In fact I may just make you kill her. Illusions are child's play compared to Genjutsu Athena chan. Now it is time you learned that the hard way."

Roshoku said to her as he turned the intensity of electrocution up to level 8.
Mar 29th 2019 10:04

“Great, this is just what I needed”

He groans slightly, fingers massaging the bridge of his nose.

“That car was everything to my uncle. Pretty sure he named that thing. But if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like this buyer’s information. I need to have a talk with him.”

“Having this information would mean the world to us both so please, can you pass me it?”

He watched her put a cigarette into her mouth and of course, he had to say something about it.

“I hope you know those things are extremely damaging to your body. I would try to stop, but it’s your habit not mine. So, I could care less. If you seek to cure your body however, my mother is a healer. She can help”
Mar 28th 2019 18:36