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✧ || fixation ; RE.
✦ || status ; open.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen-- welcome to my profile! It was fairly bland when I joined, so I spiced it up. Now that my half-assed, boring OG intro is out the window: let's make some noise, shall we?

I'm not really going by any names at the moment, so you can call me by whatever name you'd like. One may just stick. But nobody cares about my personal details because this is a roleplaying site. For roleplaying. And that is exactly what I am here to do, frens.

I roleplay within the Resident Evil universe primarily(and I can lead if you aren't familiar with it; I lead best with RE2R), I'm currently hyperfixated on this universe and its characters. HOWEVER, I MAKE EXCEPTIONS for playing canon characters from RE in different universes or original scenarios. So basically, the rule that stands here is that I will never play characters from another verse besides Resident Evil and I will not play OCs. I am epic with crossovers, and I love it when my partners play original characters themselves but I'm not a fan of doing it myself. So yeah, if I want to punch boulders and be Chris Redfield I will do exactly that. Hope this doesn't dwindle my chances of roleplaying with any of you fine residents of RolePlay Me.

By the way, my roleplays are all pretty dark. You've been warned, 'kay?

Thank you for reading, my little pogchamps. Keep on keepin' on, sweet homies. And don't do drugs, kids.

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