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Q. It's okay,.. can we start a new roleplay though I have an idea. :)
A. Sure
 Mar 4th 2021 00:05

Q. Hey, where have you been?
A. I took a break, some stuff happened and I needed some time. Sorry about that.
 Mar 3rd 2021 22:14

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Thank you for adding me!~^^
Apr 9th 2021 13:06

Yoghurt drink plus soju (15~50% alc) Sprite = A very nice c*cktail, if you're in the mood to do a bit of mixing.
Dec 7th 2020 09:00

Thank you. I hope you've been well too, heh.
Dec 7th 2020 08:46

Here's a quick clue about Cookie the dog from our roleplay. He was inspired by this movie. ;)
Sep 3rd 2019 22:37