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21 / Female / Single
Hi! I'm Fae! I have quite a few years of experience in roleplaying, and I was on the site a long time ago under a different name! Here for a good time AND a long time, and despite my huge friends list, I am not a friend collector, I just don't really ever unadd people. If I unadded you, you messed up big time most likely.

I love fantasy a lot (especially medieval fantasy. Oh goodness I love it so much), and I'm open to pretty much anything! Dark themes, light themes, anything! I can play most genders, but I'm not as good with playing guys.

I usually have a "soft" personality, but I can also... 'switch' things up (censored for the site admins please don't hurt me.)! That is all!

If I add you twice by accident, I tend to forget if I have, so sorry if I do!

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Latest Status

Replies are coming, I apologize for all the odd delays!
2  Mar 8th 2023 23:24

Latest Questions

Q. Hey babe. Has our story reached it's ending?!?
A. Not at all! Just been having some tech issues, I apologize!
 Jan 7th 2023 15:01

Q. Hey boo you alright? Just checking in on you.
A. I'm alright, just been soooo busy!
 Nov 20th 2022 15:40

Latest Comments

I'm glad babe! I was just checking in on you boo.
Nov 24th 2022 21:50

I hope that we can have some stories that start really starts to push off a lot more~!
Sep 8th 2022 17:50

sorry, mistype, 13/10 roleplayer
Jul 15th 2022 08:28

please don't add fae, it'll take away from the time she has to respond to me :')

11/10 roleplayer
Jul 15th 2022 01:09

(Hello! Thank you for accepting me. I’m Noelle! But you can give me a nickname if you want.

I’m not really good at these. I hope we become good friends! Let’s discuss a role play soon.)
May 9th 2022 15:17

I don’t believe my messages are sending.
Apr 27th 2022 02:44

Bim bam, boom boom. Welcome to MTV
Apr 3rd 2022 00:43

with that, its currently your go, if it wasnt showing up
Apr 1st 2022 23:17

Family secret :p but like as an example "we didn't have a choice" ends and then "over and over you fall" starts. Like a sequel using the same characters and stuff
Apr 1st 2022 19:06

how do you feel about multiple idea within a story and/or sequels?
Apr 1st 2022 17:32