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I'm finally headed to sleep, haha.
3  Dec 2nd 2021 04:04

Latest Questions

Anh_Ca asked the question
Q. Are you currently online or do you just have the site up on the background ^^'
A. I had it open in the background but I'm here now!
 Oct 2nd 2021 21:06

Latest Comments

Thank you so much! Shelia is such a lovely character. I feel like they fit perfectly together somehow, its so interesting. You write her beautifully <3
Dec 2nd 2021 01:23

PFFFF- really, hes just a meanie, with a soft spot for confusing feelings FFHFJ
He's easily confused and tends to give up sometimes. Shhh it's a secretttttt--
Dec 2nd 2021 00:26

NOOO you're toooOOOO KIND!!! <3

Honestly you're my fav- the story is so captivating even tho we literally JUST started. LOVING IT so far !!!! :)
Dec 2nd 2021 00:00


YOU are great. I strive to write like you!
(also ive been cooking up a reply dont worry T_T)
Dec 1st 2021 23:41

You are a stellar role-playing partner and I hope to continue our stories~
Oct 6th 2021 19:23