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26 / Other / Single
Oregon - United States
Hi! I'm Astrisk, but you can call me As. I'm a newer roleplayer, with only about a year of experience. I wasn't really big on the subject until a friend started something with me that I wound up enjoying a lot. So I went off to find more experiences like that.

I read a lot of books, and play some games in my spare time. My favorite is a smaller indie game called Ghost Song.

-I'm decent at writing, but I struggle with incoherency. So I'd prefer you are able to write a coherent sentence, or else I might ask you to rewrite it.

-I'm not terribly strict on what I roleplay, but I'd like a flowing storyline. I'd also prefer to avoid most time skips.

-While romance is fine for the most part. I would prefer to completely avoid N*FW, due to past experiences I can't handle it. Please and thank you.

I'll probably add more rules as I get more acquainted with the site and the people on it. Hope to see you.

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