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Seeing Eternals tonight
2  14 hours ago

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Q. Warrior, shaman, rogue, paladin, hunter, druid, warlock, mage, or priest?
A. Like a class I would want to be? Hmm...Priest/Mage because I'm sorta a religious person or Rogue/Paladin because awesome
 Aug 2nd 2018 21:38

Q. Who are your top five favoriet RWBY characters?
A. Mine?
5. Nora
4. Yang
3. Ruby
2. Blake
1. Weiss
 Sep 3rd 2017 15:54

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You still good?
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Hey ice queen, hows it hangin?
Feb 15th 2020 23:00

Hi wanna start a new Marvel roleplay?
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Hi umm will you reply to our roleplay?
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hey reply?
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Hey respond to our roleplay?
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reply to roleplay?
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