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22 / Female / Its Complicated
United States
Hello There,
It looks like you have stumbled across my page...I used to have another acct on here a few years ago and life got in the way so it was deactivated due to inactivity, I am back on with a brand new acct ready to chat. If you are looking for a relationship or anything other than roleplaying and fantasy, go ahead and skip my page. I am up for pretty much any genre or setting. I love writing on other sites so I have lots of ideas and characters. we can always discuss and come up with something we both enjoy. >>>Please Read ..... I work the night shift, so it will take some time to create a blog for different role play ideas and characters. my replies will not be consistent throughout the day. I guess you can call me a vampire for sleeping all day and staying up all night :) Please be respectful of this and if it's not for you don't add me!!!! Check Out My Blog For My Rules Before Adding Me :)Hope to chat soon loves >3

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Latest Questions

Q. You available for rp? Just curious
A. At the moment I haven’t started any new ones and don’t know when I can considering I have 2 whole pages of currents
 Apr 28th 2023 15:38

Q. May we continue?
A. You have to be patient. I have lots of replies to get through. I am trying my best! I'm struggling to write as I'm also trying to complete real-life tasks.
 Apr 19th 2023 14:27

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Good morning beautiful! ^^
Apr 28th 2023 11:57

Good morning
Apr 20th 2023 11:05

Yayy ur on!
Apr 19th 2023 14:08

Good morning
Apr 19th 2023 09:55