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(Kryvain Monster Diablo)
18 / Female / Single and Looking
Milton, Vermont - United States
Hey lesbian I'm a huge tomboy so most of the time roleplay as a tomboy I like to do all rp but what happens in rp stays in rp. Now I love romance but I can do any. I only roleplay as a girl. Do mostly one liners but can do paragraphs I love lesbian romances

Listen if u ever have problems come to me I've felt with a lot and I wanna help u guys see that rainbow at the end of the storm so add and message me if u need me u can also get a hold of me on kik ~ shadowkat7678 or Instagram~shadowkat7678 I wanna help u if u need it cause I never got that help till it was almost too late

I'm back and better than ever I stopped for a while till I realized that this is a big part of me and I love it so message me

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Q. So do you want to rp? If not just let me know and I’ll stop asking
A. Sorry it just been rough I’m not very good spot right now
 Nov 20th 2018 21:58

Imlost asked the question
Q. Where you gooooo
A. I passed out from sleep deprivation I'm sorry
 Apr 23rd 2018 02:01

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Never ok bro
Jun 8th 2018 12:35

Baby come back<3
May 22nd 2018 13:08

Huh, I'll try then.
Aug 7th 2017 00:06

||Out from the canopied shadows of the leafy foliage walked a young woman that seemed to glisten like a fresh bed of snow. Pale almost porcelain skin glimmering in the rays warmth from the sun. Long loose coils of white hair framed her face. Eyes, those piercing soft blue hues would take into care the sight before her. Painting her own length of words over in her mind before drawing a breath to speak|| "Hello thank you very kindly for taking me into consideration of being a part of your company. I hope we may become well acquainted." ||With having completed her greeting the young woman took hold of the side of her elongated dress; bent arm raised her body shifted downward into a dip as she curtsied respectfully||
Aug 18th 2016 14:05