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Hello friend
Jul 3rd 2021 00:06

Oct 3rd 2019 02:43

hey are you alright? i'm sorry for spamming. i did end up replying anyway but if you need someone to talk to. I'm here...I read your statuses so i'm here for you :) just lemme know
Sep 24th 2019 21:46

hey are you okay? its been 2 days since your last reply
Sep 17th 2019 20:28

sorry for the shorter replies. i promise i am going to be longer :)
Sep 14th 2019 00:29

you there?
Sep 14th 2019 00:01

awww don't go! noo!
Sep 13th 2019 23:34

I love our rp already lol. i've been wanting a good rp for a while now and i can already tell your a talented roleplayer :)
Sep 13th 2019 22:16

I hope you can handle graphic gore lol
Sep 13th 2019 21:01

Sep 13th 2019 04:15