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22 / Male / Single
hello, and welcome;

I’m advance literate with a decade of experience under my belt. I mainly aim towards spicier themes, though I’m always down for a mafia based roleplay, or anything in between. Please note that I am strictly in character unless we are discussing plots. Also, feel free to scroll down to find out more about my OC. I can change said info to fit our plots. Don’t be afraid to approach, I don’t bite.. hard..


OC details;

Name: Vesselle (Vessel) De Luca
Gender: Male
Age: 21
DOB: April 26th, 2002
Birthplace: Taormina, Sicily
Blood type: B+
Personality type: c*cky, silent, but has a soft spot for certain things and people
Zodiac: Taurus (sun), Scorpio (moon), Leo (rising)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Position: Switch (power bottom lean)
Status: Single / Orbiter

Height: 6’1” (185cm)
Weight: 198lbs (90kg)
Body type: Slim/Fit
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair type: Curly
Eye color: Brown
Facial Structure: Sharp/Long
Scarring: Along his back, shoulders, hands, and right rip

- MAFIOSI DETAILS (for mafia plots) -
Occupations: Organizer/Mafioso (A member who organizes and carry’s out plans of heists, as well as assassinations)
Criminal Class: High
Code name: Sleep (a name used to hide the identity of said member)
Weapons: Two Beretta 92X RDO Full Size pistols, with silencers to replace LAZER scopes. (That is why they call him Sleep)

(I have loosely added this, though they are subject to change to fit our plot)
Occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: motorcross/biking, cooking, socializing, partying, reading, writing, working out, hiking
Habits: heavy smoker, drinker, s*x addict


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