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(Erik Lensherr)
42 / Male / Single
Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, New York - United States
〝 is this what i am? 〞

magneto. master of magnetism. erik lensherr. you've probably heard me under other names, however.

mutant and proud.

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〝 hello old friend.
2  Aug 6th 2022 23:17

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penumbra asked the question
Q. “I’m sorry.” The words came from Denali before she could say anything else. Mascara smeared down her cheeks, the collar of her shirt ripped, and a few lingering bruises on her throat and jaw seemed to tell the story of her evening. “I fell back into the cycle. I-I failed…” She sniffed.
A. "Oh Denali...Oh my dove, who did this to you? Was it him?" Erik's voice was soft and gentle as he slowly pushed the hair out of Denali's face. "You didn't fail. What were you thinking of, buttercup? That is what matters. Not what happened, that wasn't your fault, and it wasn't on purpose on your part. But what were you thinking about?"
 Aug 5th 2022 23:16

Q. ❝Darling.. would you care to come unlock the library for me?❞
A. 〝 I'd be happy to. Let me guess, forgot your keys again? Misplaced them? 〞
 Aug 4th 2022 22:45

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❝Yes but what if he can't?❞ There was always a hypothetical, and that was all Charles could really look at. She was his daughter after all- he cared - sometimes too much-
Aug 4th 2022 03:03

❝You're speaking of this like it's normal. A faze is like.. is like Peter's obsession with pop tarts - not humans.❞ He rubbed the bridge of his nose. ❝What if she contracts a disease of some sort? She gets sick?❞
Aug 4th 2022 02:48

❝I'm sorry.. what?❞ Charles blinked a few times. Maybe he was just getting old by now- ❝You do realize the definition of cannibalism right? As in eating people?❞ Ok Charles was just a tad worried was all. He'd just.. never heard of Denali doing such.
Aug 4th 2022 02:35