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17 / Female / Single
        hi, name's jasper. you may or may not know
           me from a different account, @cat.
     since i have a big influx of roleplays and would like
   to keep things tidy and neat - i will dedicate this account
    for roleplays with modern settings. if you happen to be
   a little salty i somehow have good usernames, don't bother
    adding me - i have enough salt for my chips. if you want
       sm*t and only sm*t - i recommend adding @uwu.

  all of my characters are made up for each and every roleplay.
there is only one core concept i have for more fantasy-based plots,
     which i can thoroughly explain to you if you ask for it.

 dark themes are my favourite. apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic
      genres are what i am most interested right now -
   but i will not turn down a good original idea from anyone.
romance can also be a thing, but it will have to be further discussed.
       now.. i should mention that subgenres such as
 action, gore, horror, crime, drama and thriller are also welcome.

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