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Started by Jen2323 , Dec 7th 2019 20:55

Jen2323 - Dec 7th 2019 20:55

Hello! Looking for a long term rp. Would prefer a paragraph at least for a reply. Anyone is welcome and I can do romance if needed. I play as an OC, but will do canon if needed as well. All rp’s have new characters and stories. Posting this in other forums because, well, I’m pretty desperate :/ Can always discuss further information. So if any of these peak your interest, send me that friend request and let’s get the adventure going! I know it’s not a lot to choose.
(P.S. If you send a random starter about something completely random, you probably won’t get a reply.)

Topics are:
Digimon (Mega craving)
Naruto (craving)

Mass Effect

Legend of Korra (craving)

DC or Marvel (craving)

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