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Forum > Fandom > Criminal Minds/MCU crossover rp over discord!

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Started by TheMeridianSea , Nov 11th 2022 23:53

TheMeridianSea - Nov 11th 2022 23:53


Hi! Looking for a Spencer Reid for a Criminal  Minds/MCU crossover with my female mutant OC. It would take place primarily in the CM universe, the Marvel crossover part is my OC being a mutant. Mentions of SHIELD and Hydra, possible appearances of Marvel characters as well. I would like to pair my character with Spencer Reid and explore her joining the BAU, and how the team interacts with her as a mutant (though they are not aware of this fact immediately, she will have to tell them at some point). She does have an unwilling background with Hydra, and presumably the BAU would be aware of the organization, that could come into play later on as well when she comes clean as an opportunity for some angst. I'm in CST time zone but I'm active very frequently throughout the day and stay up late often, so I'm not too concerned with your time zone. I post several times a day, though you don't have to, it's just a bonus if you can! Discord is Mermaid#2306 please add me there if you're interested! I also have other socials you're free to ask for but I vastly prefer discord :)

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