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Started by Waffle , Nov 30th 2021 12:20

Waffle - Nov 30th 2021 12:20

Muse A is an introvert and a very delicate person
Muse B is uh, yes-

One day, Muse A stumbles upon a crazy ex in a store and convinces they have a gf/bf. They at one point say they'll let the two meet if they're curious, of course the ex agrees. In great panic, Muse A ends up finding a dating agency (idk rent a partner? LMAO) and signs a contract that would last for 22 days exactly. So all those 22 days they'd have to date. Muse B turns up and Muse A recognizes them to be a stalker (we can change it lmao) and they sit in silence for a while. It goes a little like this:

Muse A: ...
Muse B: [ Smiling innocently ]
Muse A: You know exactly what you're doing you-
Muse B: Precisely, I do and tha-
Muse A: Do you not have any shame in yo-
Muse B: I have as much shame as you had back in 9th gra-
Muse A: I'll murder you.
Muse B: Sounds like a good date.

In the end the two either fall in love or whatever.

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Bear1572 - Dec 6th 2021 17:36

LMAO this seems interesting, still up to do this one?

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Waffle - Dec 11th 2021 08:20


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