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A Roleplay with Fighting

I want to do a roleplay that has fighting elements to it. I have characters that could fit in the fighting type roleplay. If you want to do a roleplay dealing with that, feel free to add me and lets discuss a plot.

Aug 20th 2021 23:11

Returning Roleplayer Looking For Old/New Friends

Hello. I used to be on this site until a few months ago until real life got pretty hectic to the point I had to delete my profile. I originally came back days ago but can't find my old friends. My profile was named Advocate. Feel free to add me if you would like to roleplay.

All I ask is to not come in character and whatever you do, don't ask me to do a whole new character sheet just to roleplay with you. Do either one of them and you're blocked.

Thanks for reading!

Aug 14th 2021 20:01