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Demon summoner x Demon?

SynthiaTheNotorious replied to Pup's topic

I'm interested.

Jan 10th 2024 16:00

Undertale. Sanster?

SynthiaTheNotorious replied to NUL's topic

Now's your chance to be a [[BIG SHOT]]

Jan 9th 2024 16:02

Demon Summoning: Arima Q&A

And so, you made the worst choice you have ever made in your life. You summoned a demon. An Inkling demon, to be precise, called a Night Stalker. Fortunately for you, this demon, whilst aggressive and bloodthirsty, has been sated by the sacrificial offering, and as such, she decides to do you the favor of NOT eating you. Instead, you and her are going to have a conversation where you learn more about her so you can control other demons better, and she gets to know who you are so killing people like you becomes easier.

Jan 5th 2024 15:49

Anyone for Morpho Knight Roleplay?

Pretty self-explanatory, post a reply if you are interested. NOTE: This would be more of a Q&A, not a combat

Jan 3rd 2024 16:12

Liner RPer looking for vore predator

Hehehe.... I haven't done anything like this in a long time.... Any chance you are still online? Message me if yes...

Dec 12th 2023 10:49