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My regrets and how to avoid them

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

In the last two years of my life, I've been hanging around bad company, despite being told they were bad for me. Honestly, sometimes my ego and naivety are insane. I don't want to bang on too much about it but if you ever find yourself in the same shoes as I was, please follow the link. This is not my work and all credit and so on goes to the creators

Mar 6th 2024 21:31

Lesson to be learned

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

I know this might seem duh but if you lend money to a friend etc make sure you at least have a verbal aggreement on record so you can use it in court.

Dec 3rd 2023 21:28

Hamas and Israel and beyond.

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

I was talking to the guy earlier but he wasn't hearing what I was really getting at. I'm not pro Israel or Anti Palestinian. Israels is heavy handed with out a doubt but things aren't going to change, as long as hamas holds gaza hostage. I don't think having a mob boss for a leader in Israel is a good idea but sadly like some of the world it's going mad. I do think the land and such needs to be shared fairly. With all this said why haven't the big Arab countries offered to help.

Please don't ban me I'll gladly remove the post or see it go.

Oct 28th 2023 10:08

rp idea

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

reluctant master
reluctant body guard
food wars
and more to come

Apr 16th 2023 19:12

regrets poem

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

I regret being so kind hearted to those that don't deserve it
I regret that the demon called pride with in my soul causes me to make bad life choices and often not think before i act or speak.
I regret that there's a part of me that is very selfish and twisted in angry and hatred and resentment
Will i find what some would call salvation or will i end up in the so called limbo that many call it.
I want to be able to fully love someone but there's so much of me that hates me self, a human glass vessel.
If i can give people younger than me or those about to go through the same thing some advice if they haven't figured it out. Don't become me a human that causes themselves more pain than they need to, i won't tell you to pray because i don't believe in that.
Jealousy is a green eyed monster that is an ugly sight i would advise people not be that monster, i wish i could turn mine off more often.

Apr 10th 2023 22:02