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Shouguki no soma

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

Will be returning to rping in a week or so

Feb 25th 2021 20:43

Looking for partners

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The unlikely protector

My char is a half deamon half spirit named Conway Malucus he is a magical fighter with unusual pridicticament. He was curses for something he did what seems life times ago, the curses affects his powers and his memories, he can not proform out right evil acts, how ever there are loop holes to this curse.
For instance if his master is in grave danger or its to take down a tyrant after being provoked or his life is grave danger.
There is a rumour that once he has done enough good deeds his powers and memories will fully return.
I'm open to a number of ideas for this and other ideas, please read my rules to avoid confusion and such later down the line.

Jan 7th 2021 08:06

Looking for partners

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

Please read read my bio before we go into rping.

I'm open to a number of ideas

Jan 6th 2021 21:24

Pc vs Np views etc

Sacreddragon replied to Sacreddragon's topic

Maybe it's my age and this could affect my option on this, as humans, we've gone from male to female and trans to this really particular weird and messed up none binary. One normally born with one set or the other and the rest is in your mind and one goes from there such as wanting to change sex or love the same sex etc it's up to you regardless of what others say etc however like so many things so many choices made in the heat of the moment have consequences later on in life which many live to regret.

There's already so much pigeon-holing now none binary because it's being pushed by some celebrities with this weird mindset and people wanting to stand out even more. I'm not claiming to be a saint and some of the things i say and do get me chewed out and after I've cooled off i realize i shouldn't have said or done that. I realize that sometimes i need think a lot more than i do and that's a bad trait i have which is hard to kick.

Dec 18th 2020 00:09

Stanford group roleplay on discord

Sacreddragon replied to MsCorpse's topic

I normally don't do discord rps but i might be fun, do they have to be from la or could they have trasfered from somewhere else

Dec 14th 2020 20:01