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Why so private?

Macy_sumner replied to Macy_sumner's topic

Almost every other profile now is private :( I don't want to judge people on there pictures alone. I need text! Well, that's my rant of the day.

Apr 11th 2024 12:23

something weird

Macy_sumner replied to Macy_sumner's topic

I want to do a weird RP. and not just weird to normal people but weird for weird people. I want to see everyone's craziest ideas.
here is one of mine. There could be this world that is nothing but liquid, but the thing is all the people are liquid too. and they can change densities so as to stay separate from others around them or lovers could try to achieve the same density so they mix together and are literally one.

Apr 10th 2024 23:21

Looking for mxf or fxf

Macy_sumner replied to maddieb's topic

That sounds fun. How about my charector is a buisness lady who is always busy and lives alone. She does have house guests from time to time and the occasional party. She hired you to be a live in maid that does all the house cleaning and some cooking when it's just her or her plus a date.

Apr 10th 2024 14:51

romance plots.

Macy_sumner replied to execution's topic

I like numer three. Which character would you rather be? Also what gender are the charecters? I usually play female but I can switch.

Apr 10th 2024 14:43


Macy_sumner replied to HORROR's topic

This sounds like fun. could you elaborate on your Ideas. What do you think of supernatural aspects? Is yc "obsessed" with a killer because he is a killer?

Apr 6th 2024 20:26