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30 / Female / In a Relationship
Satan's armpit , California - United States
Greetings all who have taken the time to look at this profile. I'll make this as quick and painless as possible, I'm open to many different types of rp and have many different characters, and can make others to fit different stories. So if you're interested then please feel free to send me a message/request and we can discuss/start an rp.
If you're curious about already existing characters their in my blog and other info for how I rp can be found here -->

Ps. If I don't respond it's more than likely that I got a bit busy. So when it happens sorry.

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no problem my friend^^ do you prefer discussing first or winging it?
Jan 7th 2016 10:01

-bows respectfully-thanks for the request^^ hope we can become good friends and rp sometime soon
Jan 7th 2016 09:50