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18 / Female / Its Complicated
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This isn't my first time here, I deleted my account due to personal reasons. However, I want to get back into roleplaying and would like to offer an apology to those who were awaiting replies.

With that being said, my favourite trope is the enemies to lovers with a hint of slow burn. I also enjoy the rivals to lovers, fake dating, forced proximity and soulmates tropes. I'm not that picky when it comes to adding people, so feel free to send a request. Yet, I do have some rules.

1. Please approach me out of character, let's plan something out.

2. I love romance, but I would prefer for it to be a side plot.

3. Let's discuss limits beforehand.

4. Ns/fw is alright with me. However, I don't like it when it's the main plot, make sure it has some significance.

5. Please have some literacy. I understand that English isn't everyone's first language, but do make yourself understood.

6. Some dark themes are okay with me, just make sure to ask for limits.

7. Furries dni.

8. Please don't control my character, and I won't control yours.

Well, those are my rules for now! I hope we get to make amazing stories.

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Hopefully, I'll be working on replies tomorrow or sometime this weekend<3 Thank you for the patience!
2  Mar 30th 2023 23:57

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