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25 / Female / Broken Hearted
United States
“Cynicism is an excuse to distance yourself, but baby, you sure as hell don’t want anything to do with me.”

Hunter of all things supernatural.

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|| Hey, everyone. In light of the quarantine, I’m looking to get back into writing more and more often, daily if I can get it. If you wouldn’t mind sharing me out on your profile, I would appreciate it. Thanks :)
0  Apr 1st 2020 23:01

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Q. So what was better, round one? Or round -two-
A. “The one where I didn’t have to work to get myself off because *someone* can’t hold himself back for thirty seconds.”
 Oct 11th 2019 03:41

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"What friends?"
Jan 1st 2020 12:53

"How bout that new years kiss?"
Jan 1st 2020 03:33

Bobby turned his attention from the the pair, deeming them both at fault, even though Laine went to defend herself- a proud and satisfying smile smearing across his face as he looked at her; Bobby showing zero hesitation in walking away.

"Way to throw me under the bus." he accused, bending to pick his boxers off the floor, flinging them over his shoulder as he leaned against the wooden frame post to his room.

"Like what you see?" Caleb poked, the fabric snug tight around his bottom half leaving the viewer a generous view.
Sep 21st 2019 22:59

"Oh Please. I know you look at my ass every morning on our walk into class."
Sep 17th 2019 04:11

"Laine used the last one!" He accused her, his eyes shifting to her. "Probably did it on purpose to sneak a peek."
Sep 17th 2019 04:09

He made it to his dresser where he was pulling out a pair of his black boxer briefs, forgoing the towel entirely as he pulled the tight cloak up around his waist, everything accented and snug.

Outside of his now broken door were voices, Laine's; who was throwing him under the bus, and Bobby, who was now calling him out.

Angry. Caleb marched over to the door, his chest and legs bare, nothing on but underwear, hair distraught and all over the place. He pulled the beaten door back to open, his boxers still laying on the ground in front of him, his eyes staring straight at the both of them.

"That is not what happened." he defended himself. "I didn't have a towel."
Sep 15th 2019 18:14

Frustration shook him and he abandoned the boxers, standing to his feet shirt dangling in his hand as he yanked on his door knob. "Dammit!" He growled, having no luck opening it, and having nothing to pick the lock with.

And with a final wave of anger he stood up, leg raised and kicked the door in, breaking the lock and handle as a few splinters of wood scattered to the floor below.

He was in. Door shut. Ass out of sight.
Sep 15th 2019 16:26

"Laine!" He jumped, having almost made it to his door, water dripping down his back and legs, as his movements stuttered. "You used them all!" he hollered, shifting the blame to her, eyes widening as he dropped his boxers to the ground accidentally as he was trying to hide his bare ass. Having to then squat and mildly reach back to swipe his covering from the ground. Hand reaching for the handle of his door.

Sep 15th 2019 04:23

"Laine!" He shouted from bathroom, a crack in the door as he stood naked behind it, forgetful when it came to his towel. "Laine!" He called again, though no answer.

What the hell was she doing? Her bedroom door was practically next door down.

After about a minute of silence, Caleb took a risk, grabbing his shirt and boxers, using them as a cover for the front end of him. And looking out into the hallway, he deemed it clear, taking his first step to rush to his room which seemed miles away.
Sep 14th 2019 18:27

I don't believe that for a second.
Sep 6th 2019 19:11