Sasha Davies - OC

Sasha Davies
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Relationship status: Single/Bi

Appearance: Sasha has long, uncut brown hair, and dull hazel eyes. She wears a loose, torn white shirt, and ripped jeans that have long faded to grey.

Personality: Sasha is a strong willed person, and very stubborn. She has a good kind heart, but isn't one to show it except to people she cares about. She rebels against her parents, often leaving home for days on end. She takes care of her friends, but will willingly fight others if they provoke her or the people she likes.

Bio: Sasha's adoptive parents were never very nice to her, they weren't abusive, but they didn't care for her much. As of such, she doesn't really have much to do with them, preferring to live away from her home and only going in every now and then to steal supplies. After a while, they gave up on trying to find her. She has been in quite a few fights and is stronger than she looks, but she is kind to people she meets and befriends. She doesn't know what happened to her real parents, and at this point, no longer really cares.
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