William Harold McFarlane was born April 28, 1925, to Dan and Ilene McFarlane on their farm outside Hamburg, Illinois, along the Mississippi River. He was raised on this farm, as had his father, and his, and his, since before the Civil War.

Bill grew up during the Great Depression, helping out with lots of chores. In his free time, he would play baseball, especially at recess at school. He also liked reading comic books and pulp fiction stories.

Bill is the eldest of 6 kids.
Rebecca Lynn McFarlane, born March 20, 1927.
John Bartholomew "Jack" McFarlane, born July 4, 1930
Matthew Alec McFarlane, born January 30, 1932
Suzanne Esther McFarlane, born February 7, 1935
Rosemary Leslie McFarlane, born September 22, 1938

Bill graduated from Hardin High School in 1943, and enlisted in the Army immediately after. At the behest of his father, he finished high school first before enlisting to fight in the war.

Bill has always felt a strong sense of justice, actual justice, and has identified with more progressive and social political causes. Often he feels guilty for having to keep his political views to himself to avoid ostracization. He is a peaceful man, but ready to pick up a weapon if the cause is just.
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