Freya Bjorndottir info

Freya Bjorndottir a elemental born at the beginning of the viking age, her mother died during childbirth leaving her father to raise Freya. Her father Bjorn raised her the best he could as he was the leader of their small village and their people. He raised Freya to be a warrior while the women of the village taught her to be a healer like them. She became unstoppable on the battle field. At the age of sixteen she met an outsider who would become her husband, they were only together for two years before she became pregnant with twins. Her husband and father would not make it to see the twins be born as both men were killed in battle two months before she gave birth leaving her the leader of the village and her people. When the twins were only a few months old the village came under attack late one night while everyone was asleep. The attackers were the two remaining members of the Romanian coven and new born vampires they had created. Freya had tried to hide her babies away so she could fight to protect her village but before she could her babies were taken from her arms by the Romanians, she was made to watch as they drained her babies of their blood before their tiny lifeless bodies were thrown into a fire. Her screams and cries were loud but her promise to them that she would not stop til she got to burn the Romanians for taking everything from her. They attacked her and thought they has drained her of all of her blood but were mistaken; as they had left a few drops of blood in her body. The venom and the healing aspects of being an elemental worked together to heal her, it also stopped her aging and made her immortal though she was not a full vampire.

Modern times; Freya works as a historian, mainly working at the Natural History Museum in London, England. She does go to dig sites from time to time in order to help document artifacts that are found. She drinks both animal and human blood though she can still eat human food.
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