Milgreshin The Dracolich

Basic Info

-Name: Milgreshin

-Nickname(s): Milo

-Age: 16,427 (23 years old in Physical human Appearance.)

-D.O.B: December 18th

-Sex: Male

-Pronouns: He/him

-Species: Draconic / Assumed to be European in Origin

-Physical Appearance: A short young man with Emerald Reptilian Eyes, Olive Tan Skin, Soft Lush Dark Brown Hair, and almost vampire-like canine teeth. In his human form, his body and flesh are very much alive, feeling warm, soft, and as normal to the touch as any other human. But in his dragon form, his undead nature shows through.

-Clothing: Milgreshin's fashion consists of a Black Windbreaker Jacket of Checkered Pad stitching, Black Leather Gloves, Black Cargo Pants, and Black Combat Boots.

-Gear: Cargo Pockets filled with Herbs and Unknown ingredients.

-Height: 5'2ft/158.496cm

-Weight: 140lbs/63.50kg

-Piercing(s): Barbells/Nipples

-Voice/accent: A soft soothing tone that almost floats into the air that holds an unnatural echo when angered or frustrated. An accent akin to eastern islanders.

-Body type: Ectomorph - Lith but Muscular/Not Buff

-Positive Attributes: Curious, Passive, Easily Entertained, Playful.

-Negative Attributes: Selfish, Cruel, Impatient, Flirtatious, Murderous.

-Overall personality: Milgreshin is old and bored, seeing the world and its people as his toys to play with and break as he pleases. While aggressive, he's easily entertained and not much of a threat as long as his joy-seeking mind is occupied and his favor is won. Because of his Draconic nature, he sees himself as better than everyone else, even if he's undead due to his tragic mistake.

-Skills: Cooking, Nature Survival, Religious Knowledge, Historical Knowledge, Herbal knowledge, Medical knowledge, Magic and Witch Craft.

-Common mannerisms: Feminine and Lazy.
Powers and Weaknesses (For supernatural characters only)

-Powers: Supernatural Strength, Regeneration, The 6th Sense, Pyrokinesis, Human form Shapeshifting, Necromancy, Basic Magic, Necrotic and Eroding Gasious Breath, Shielding Magic, Telekinesis, Ageless and Undead Immortality, Extreme Endurance, Healing Magic, Disease Immunity, Poison Resistance, Magic Resistance, Flight, Dragon Form Shifting ( ), Parcial Form Shifting.

-Major weaknesses: Holy Magic, Large Appetite due to Dragon Origin, Holy Grounds and Blessed Sanctuaries, Sealing Magic, his Soul Phylactery, the Urge, and desire to collect and buy everything that catches his eye.

Extra Information

-Occupation: Apothecary

-Wealth: Very wealthy with assets of Treasures he's collected from those who sook to slay him during his days of true life.

-Home/From: Hoia-Baciu Forest

-Health: Milgreshin is strong, but far from healthy. Despite his durability, strength, speed, and capability, Milgreshin is in a constant state of feeling weak and sick, also insinuating that his current physical capability is not his prime strength.

-Bad Habits: OverIndulging in the nightlife.

-Fears/Phobias: Experiencing True death as he is the last of his bloodline and is unable to reproduce alone as an Undead Dragon.

-Facts: Milgreshin was once a proud Dragon who believed he could cheat death itself. Play a game of wit, the dragon lost his game and was doomed to die. Out of desperation, he cast a necromantic spell, removing his soul from his form and hiding it away where death could never find it. Though Death never stopped looking and has spent thousands of years in search, Milgreshin fears that one day, Death will catch up to him, find his soul, and bring him to the afterlife.

Ero Information

Omegaverse?: Omega

-Top/Bottom/Switch: Bottom

-Dom/Sub/Switch: Switch; Verse - Depends on his mood.

-Kinks: ((Ask to find out))

-Virgin?: Yes


-Background: Role Play with him and find out ~

((Borrowed art))
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