- I write about 1 large para up to 2, sometimes 3 large para. I don't like doing any more than that. Typing too much at once is stressful and cuts out the ability for our characters to interact much. If that's a problem... sorry? I'm huge on quality over quantity. Writing a lot doesn't always equate to a good or engaging roleplay.

- Tell me if there is an issue! Any at all! Don't ghost because you don't like something, it's really annoying and I'd like to know if I somehow did something wrong.

- No MxM if your profile states you are female. Sorry.

- Our characters must be 90% human. Inhuman claws, ears, tails fangs and even animal forms and the like are fine, but half and halfs or anthro are not for me, I'm sorry!

- Don't make me write alone. If I come up with an idea, it doesn't mean I'm the only one who can add anything into the roleplay. Make things happen /with/ me. No one wants to feel like they're just writing everything for you to react to, it's a huge bummer and kills a roleplay for me.

- Engage in planning, if I feel like you don't care or just want me to do everything I'll probably remove ya.

- Ask me my verses if you'd like a canon roleplay. MxM only for canon, sorry!

- Please be okay adding 18+ themed scenes. If you aren't that's fine but I'm not really the guy for you. Be mature enough for it, and for the love of god, just use normal terms, don't say "his throbbing meat rod" or "his length". Lol.

- No gore, rape, heavy violence, or pedophilia. No scat or throw up, NO baby play, and no feet/armpit/musk worship.

- 3 weeks=bump, 2 months=removal (you can always readd me!).

- Don't spam. If you spam I'll block.

- I make up or bring out OC's on a single roleplay basis, so only my main 2 muses will be posted.

- Be kind. I'm not rude or hostile so there's no reason for you to be, either.

- I work and have friends, a life and other roleplays. Be patient if replies need some time. I'll make a status or let you know personally if I'm going to be gone for a while

- Heart this if you read, or just confirm you read the rules in pm's!

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