Danny Smith, aka: totally "not" a self i


First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Smith
Nickname: Danny, Dan
Gender: Trans man(ftm) He/they pronouns
Age: 19-25
Species: human
Sexual Orientation: pan with male lean
Birthday: October 2nd
Life Story: Danny Smith had a rock relationship with his parents so he currently has no contact with them. Last he knew they gambled themselves into a great deal for dept. Not like it was his problem to worry about. He moved as far away from them as he could, starting his new life.


Eye Color(s): a soft blue
Hair Color: he dyes his hair fairly often but it is currently green.
Highlights: he hasn't had top surgery , he is a little on the hairy side as well
Hair Style(s): he has the left side shaved, his hair goes down to about his shoulders
Skin tone: white, on the pale side
Body type: a bit chubby, short
Height: 5'3
Weight: around 200

About him

Personality: infj
Good Habit(s): he has made it a habit to drink at least one cup of water every morning
Bad habit(s): when his depression is really bad he tends to not want to do anything
Like(s): watching the sun set/rise, the moon, squishmellows, pins, rocks, and nature
Dislike(s): being alone in the dark, people touching his shoulders without asking
Hobbies: going on walks, rock collecting, gardening
Allergies:n/a but he is lactose intolerant. This does not stop him from eating cheese.
Fear(s): being alone forever, being left behind, being forgotten
Strength(s): fast learner, inquisitive, adaptive
Weakness(es): trusting, staying organized

Talents and Dreams

Ambition/dream: He wants to have a partner and be happy. He doesn't mind too much what he does for work.
Occupation/Job: supermarket employee
Best Class(es): history, English
Worst Class(es): math


Theme Song/Quote: 'im not okay' by the weathers
Favorite Food(s): sushi
Favorite Drink(s): iced coffee or ice lattes
Favorite Color(s): dark green
Favorite Animal(s): pigs, birds
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Season(s): fall
Favorite Holiday(s): Halloween
Favorite Time of Day: dusk

Link to empty version: www.deviantart.com/carmelitamontayafox/art/OC-Template-394958311
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