「†」The Scenarios「†」

Ⅰ. The sad reality of the underworld.【TAGS: Abuse, Possible SA, Possible blood】

〔‎Morivivum (loosely translates to living whilst dying). This is the name of the group that controls the largest human trafficking operation in the entire world. Their influence spreads to the governments of each country, giving them ample victims and the freedom to do inhuman things to them. They offer different packages and prices for all age ranges, all ethnicities, etc. Their main source of income comes from forced prostitution, however, a very select few of the wealthy are able to place orders for specific victims to be delivered directly to their home. That is the case of MUSE A, an overly wealthy person who finds their every day life to be boring, and decides to order one of these people for themselves. MUSE B is a relatively new arrival, so they are completely untainted and in return, untrained. This is exactly the kind of person that MUSE A is looking for.

Will MUSE A abuse and corrupt MUSE B and show just how terrible humanity can be? Or will they take pity on them, allowing them to escape the shackles of their slavery and treat them as a partner?〕

If any ideas interest you, please let me know.
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