Melanie Barlowe (American Actress)

"هي ليست نفرتاري ، رغم أنني على استعداد لشراء الفتاة مقابل 9 ملايين جنيه."
"She's no Nefertari, though I'm willing to purchase the girl for a near 9 million pounds." (Egyptian pounds that is)

Age: 27
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Flaw: Americanized, un-worldy, silver spoon
Strengths: A good actor (manipulative when required)


Melanie Barlowe is a small-time actor, not even close to reaching the feats of her parents. She pushed for roles, though studios continuously had a more suitable alternative than her. If they wouldn't form her into the next major star, she had to do it herself.
Though she needed to know if her want for fame for her parents, or herself.

The answer was the latter, though her father's happiness transformed it into the desired selfishness. His faith in her equaled the world. She needed to prove her marketability.

One year later she penned the most profitable screenplay she has ever written. How could she tell? Well, it stood as the only one. She persisted. With a "measly" thousand dollars, she functioned with a team of directors, as well as independent film studios, to produce her own interpretation of the life of Ramses II. When the movie was released months thereafter, audiences took notice that the scenery was entirely green screen. The young Barlowe was acclaimed for her script, though mocked for the execution. Contrary to the bad ratings, there was a sufficient amount of support for a sequel. She had one more shot to establish herself.

The sequel would be shot in Egypt. After it was written and filmed the next year, she settled in a house near Giza. The home was bought with the money she had gained off the success of the sequel. She finally had something of her own. A new deal with Universal set her up for life. Every few days, she'd phone her father to explain to him her workings in Egpyt, just to maintain's her parents' knowledge that she IS serious about going on with her work.

For the next few months, she visited America and returned to her new home. The heat wasn't any worse than California, surprisingly.

Another month goes by, and her address is published on the dark line of the internet. Naturally, Egyptians would have a peek. The address is regarded by an organ trafficker organization in Egypt. Not many prominent names move there, so this was a golden opportunity. Why? She was famous. Her soul had value in the world. Even more reason, she was famous at the time! If they could package up and sell what fuels her life, her core, that would mean wealth for the first individual who could retrieve it. For capital, many people would do anything to dive a knife deep into her chest, rip out the beating heart, and hide the body like nothing ever happened. Others may go farther and remove any nerve ends one by one until her value is drained, like a form of mining. This takes longer, though is more efficient. No body to hide.

Outside the protection of America, Melanie was clueless. When you may pick up and go wherever you want, it completes the argument that you wouldn't bother to do much research. The only research done was for her film, though even that was Americanized.


Melanie's personality is one of privilege. She feels she deserves better than the trouble that will occur. If she's in trouble, she'll report and scream, though that isn't how things function in the area. No one is running to support an American celebrity. Aside from this, she is a kind-hearted person.


Additional people:

Dakarai Amenemhat, one of the scouts for the traffickers, is on a mission to find her, and do what needed to be done to get her heart. Usually, they burn the victim alive first. The fried skin makes it more manageable to cut through. Smoke often rises over the area. It's a signal that another bit the dust. The Egyptian police are not equipped to locate these predators. It transpires time, and time, again. Some say the government works with them. Leaders may desire the organs for themselves. Some say there is a supernatural might involved.
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