Seth Evans (Warlock) - Supernatural OC

Name: Seth Evans

Age: 20 years old. Born April 18th, 2001.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 168lbs

Eye color: Dark Grey some compare it to the ocean on a stormy night.

Hair color: White, almost silver in certain lightings. Long on top and buzzed on the sides.

Species: Warlock/Wizard

Weapon(s) of choice:
He carries a wand made out of pine he carved in woodshop while in school when he started to learn about Magic and Hexes to him that's all he needs.

Character bio: Seth was born in Boston, MA to Mr. and Mrs. Evans; his father was a banker and a wealthy man but modest. His mother was a baker she owned a shop in the city but that was just her day job, her little secret that no one but Seth ever found out was that she was a student of Witchcraft, that's actually how her husbands mother had an accident fall down the stairs. Seth never thought of his mother as a monster, he actually preferred her over his simpleton father. But everything changed when Mr. Evans found out about his wife's secret and he started to question her and become hysterical, leading to him hitting his wife. That drew the line for Seth and long story short, he killed his father, when he realized what he did, his mother didn't know what to do with him anymore as it was becoming evident that he had a loose temper and she didn't want to put herself at risk so she packed him up and sent him on his way when he was 17. Ever since then, he'd been hitchhiking using his charm to sway girls/families to let him stay with them before he ditched and continued on his way, by the time he was 20 he had almost seen all the of US states and a fact he was very proud of but being a Wizard and leaving a trail as he went, unfortunately drew the attention of Hunters who he was lucky to get away from most the time, he'd always heard rumors about the Winchesters but he thought them to be like legends among the Hunters kind, like of like how Witches and Warlocks were to normal people.

Facts/Character traits:

- Seth is a very non trusting person and he would pity the person who ever decided to double cross him.

- He's well versed in most forms of Magic ranging from small spells to black demon magic.

- Seth has a more playboy, hell be damned attitude which he adopted once he found out he could use it to attract people and get his way.

- Seth hates the idea of family and friends, he thinks it's a distraction and a waste of time, but he still will admit to that a person craves company once in a while.
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