David Goliath James (DJ) OC

Full Name: David Goliath James
Nickname: DJ
Other Names: God, Father, Alpha, Big Guy Upstairs
Hair Color: Brown with a bit of a blondish tint
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Age: Older than the universe physically, but mentally a child at heart. :)
Children: Billions
Profession: God/Rockstar/professional race car driver/Shinobi
Significant Other: Hikari
Pets: Samson (Dog) Delilah (Cat)
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Food: Chocolate/Pizza/Ice cream
Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite Song: Free Bird
Special Technique/ Jutsu: Lightning bolt an eternity of pain

Description: DJ is God the Father in human form and has a whacky and childish yet cool personality. He is very much in love with his children and in his own words "if you are for him he can be your best friend but if you're against him he can be your worst enemy." He is the lead singer and guitarist in Shock Therapy and his signature Shinobi move is forming a lightning bolt out of the Chidori. He also loves modern technology like cars and cellphones and usually wears his signature black leather jacket and sunglasses. He also only fights for defense only.
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