He suddenly sends a letter to TiHao, warning him that he has to come to pick his daughter up from his home, as he needs to leave for a few days, due to some urgent work matters.
He doesn't say it's urgent, but still prefers not to leave her all alone with servants but rather have them return to her family.
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Wangling "It would depend on the Temple you chose. It was nothing in any case, you don't have to do it.
You don't kiss anyone before he/she is approved by me and appa. You want to date? Your person simply has to ask me if it is possible. I'd make proper researches." He doesn't want to risk someone like himself for her!!
"It is nothing you have to worry about right now but you always have to consider it too. It can be dangerous. Anyone dumb enough could try to have revenge.
I overreacted because of the situation. You present her to us properly if you want to date her."
He moves his gaze on WonPil. "What do you mean? What could we do to make it less awkward?"
Peachii "But you will scare the person so that they won't want to date me anymore, I know already. I said I don't want a boyfriend, but maybe I want a girlfriend." But probably she isn't ready for anything, she is such a spoiled brat who understands so little about real life and other people. It's just a tantrum.
"If someone dared to mess up with me I'd instantly tell you and harabeoji." She also knows the aces in her sleeves. XD
"But she is harabeoji's servant, she will never accept..."

WonPil. "I just... well..." He takes a breath. "Maybe she wants to meet some people more casually first, before bringing them to meet us... bringing people home is like... very formal and official... so maybe she doesn't want to do that with people that might turn out to be disliked after one date..." He rubs his arm.
"Also... I'm sure that she didn't mean to do anything that you wouldn't approve, it was probably just a mistake..." He would justify her in any possible circumstance. "I... I think that there is no reason to be harsh..."

"Appa is the best!" She kisses WonPil's cheek.
Wangling "I swear I won't! I will be myself and if they get scared so easily...you really want a coward by your side? I want the best for you. If you don't mean enough to them, it will be good?
Gender doesn't matter, have a girlfriend, it is even better for me.
Ne, that's the very best. We finally agree on something.
Give it a try? I won't mistreat her, I swear. You can invite her for dinner."
He moves his gaze on WonPil. He is baffled at first but also starts to see his point. He takes a breath. "...arasseo, I'm starting to give up. She still needs some rule about this, she can't get in touch with dangerous people.
A mistake is quite ridiculous as excuse now. I wasn't being harsh, I just..." He looks up, a bit annoyed they act that way.
Peachii "I want someone who is scared of me by my side, like, that they'd be scared I lose interest in them and break up if they aren't perfect even for half a second." She wants a WonPil.
"Why do you think you know what's good for me better than me?"
She snorts. "Harabeoji won't let her, she said she has only two free hours per week, in the afternoon." Yin wouldn't go to have dinner by them not even with the immunity badge in her pocket.
"Appa is right, it was just a mistake! I was a bit confused and you are being so unreasonable towards me for no reason!"

WonPil. He looks down and massages his eyes. "I didn't mean... I just... as long as she is fine..."
Wangling "I want someone who constantly wants to be perfect for you too, but it doesn't mean the person should be afraid of me. I also want them to be able to protect you.
Because I lived more than you and I know the world.
If I say it, he'll let her come here for the time I want. Your harabeoji would do us that favor without doubts."
He looks up, more and more annoyed. "Arasseo. I have had enough for today." He starts to head towards the door. "Don't wait for me." He says before to leave, without looking back.