Demetrius Salvatore

Name:Demetrius Halliwell Salvatore

NickName:Demi, Boomer

Birthday:June 15th


Age Apperance:16



Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Green

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status:Single

Speices:Heretic (Vampire/Witch)

Powers: Immortality, Speed, Strength, Compulsion, spellcraft telekinetic orbing.

Verses:Charmed TVD, TO

Quotes:”I have no time for your first degree bullshxt”

“No no no no no you are not about to abandon me just because some guy made googley eyes at you”

“Fxck this, fxck that, fxck this bullshxt, that bullshxt, his bullshxt, her bullshxt, your bullshxt”

“That’s because it’s a bunch of lies you stupid son of a Bitch!”

“Do you not know who I am? I legit boo’d my brothers Ex wife at their wedding... yes I’m that bold”

Nicole Halliwell-Mother
Damon Salvatore-Father
Demetrius Salvatore-Brother
Piper Salvatore-Sister
Stefan Salvatore-Uncle
Carlyle Salvatore-Cousin
Piper Halliwell-Grandmother
Lillian Salvatore-Grandmother
Giuseppe Salvatore- Grandfather

Back Story:Demetrius Halliwell Salvatore was born to Damon and Nicole Salvatore on June 15th he is the couples youngest son. He has black hair like his father and green eyes like his mother. He takes after his father with his personality traits and style of clothing. Unlike his brother and sister Demetrius isnt the nicest person when you meet him he’s very cheeky and cocky so to speak. He’s witty and funny at times but her zero tolerance for games or bullsh*t. Growing up he was very close to his siblings just like he is to this day and has high respect for his parents. When it comes to family they mean everything to him and he would do anything by any means to keep them safe. His most totable act was killing off his brothers ex wife when they caught wind of her cheating on him which drove the youngest sibling in rage causing him to hunt the werewolf down and tear out her heart. When it comes to love Demetrius has no respect for human life and doesn’t really care about love as he feels it’s a useless emotion well romantically at least, though he was once married to a beautiful woman by the name of Juliet Salvatore who sadly died after a horrible accident in which he wasn’t there to save or protect her, which he still hates himself for. Other wise Demetrius is one that wool can’t be pulled over his eyes easily and he isn’t one for trusting but he’s one to give out advice when it’s needed if one comes to him with a sort of issue.

Theme Song:Blood in the water” by Grandson

Face Claim:Cole Sprouse
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