Life and Threats.

Previous blog might be quite inaccurate compared, when it comes to his personal story, as new ideas came and things developed.


A Vision of the Past. In this case, a very fast one, split in several main events of his life, starting from the very first moment he was born.

There are his parents talking to a physician. "I have never seen anything like that. It is not your child, but an evil curse. I suggest you get rid of him, it'll be the greatest favour you could do to all of us!" The physician has a seriously wounded hand.
The other two look unsure and troubled but they saw with their own eyes what their child has done.
Suddenly an older woman walks inside the room. Regardless it is obvious she is older, she hasn't real and terrible marks of decay on her. "I don't want to hear any of this nonsense. Take that child home."
Both parents look afraid to touch the baby and the older woman looks baffled. "You won't dare to call him your son ever again." She says while picking up Hitachi.


She brings him to her home and for the first days, she takes care of him herself. A warm and sweet halmeoni.

Suddenly darkness. Sound of a bottle falling and breaking. Growling sounds.

Vision becomes clear again. There is a small crowd of servants and eventually halmeoni arrives to see. Sand all over the floor and a dead maid. Some sand on her too.


Halmeoni is discussing with the head servants of the house. "No one but me can approach him from now on. Don't go, even if he cries. Soon I'll get a good curse master here, we'll find out what is going on."


Fast forward. Three years later.

Hitachi is playing in the garden with family dogs. Halmeoni is watching him with a slight smile. Eventually he runs to her and hugs her. She picks him up, hugging him as well. / My boy. I don't know anymore how to help you. No one had a clue till now...I'm sorry you have to live separated from others. I'm sorry your parents don't see how precious you are. / Her thoughts. In the background, a very nice hut, rich and decorated, a nice place even for an adult. Hitachi's place. Also very close to the main residence.

The child is so young, he barely understands. Gaara is often present but at that age, he was mainly a protector. He also whispered things to Hitachi. / / Monstrous voice.
/ Ssssand...feel it...control it... /


Two years later.

Hitachi is walking with completely black eyes inside the main residence. He has already killed a few servants on his way. "Where are they?"
A situation turning more and more unstable until halmeoni arrives and makes him reason.


One month after the accident.

Hitachi is not in the same hut. It looks much worse, not tidy and not comfortable, plus really far from people. There is an incense burner but the smell they can feel is definitely not it, but opium. The child looks stunned, coughs at times.
There is a desk, books, a few toys. Also a dog, a Golden Retriever cub, looking even more stunned than him, but his only friend.


Five years later.

/ He didn't have serious accidents for months by now. I might let him come back here for some day...he might appreciate. / Halmeoni thinks.

Unluckily the lack of accidents only depended by the fact he was all alone. It indeed doesn't take long for Hitachi to be possessed again.


Seven years later.

Around the hut, a lot of security. Hitachi is inside, walking nervously. / I'm so fed up, I can't take it anymore. /
Just one of the first suicide attempts. He steals the sword from one of the guards outside and uses it to try to stab himself. A sandy hand appears from his chest. Too strong even for him that has innatural strength.

Another suicide attempt, this time a rope. He attempts to hang himself but fails, as sand platform appears under his feet.

Yet another, he aims to starve himself but even then Gaara finds his way to prevent it.

He is constantly under the effects of opium.


In the last part, few years later, he is tied with chains to the wall. A try from his halmeoni to keep him alive.
Suddenly someone walks inside. It is Jae, followed by halmeoni. "What do I have to see...what happened to you? Your family wasn't able to handle it? It must be hard for you. I bring good news...wouldn't you like to live free, like a normal young man? I can make it happen, but first, you have to help me."
And in that situation, Hitachi would have accepted anything to make his suffering stop. He is released and goes with Jae. His halmeoni accepts the situation too, loving Hitachi and wanting to help him. It gives her a lot of hope for her boy.
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