Donatella Bolhen

◤Basic Info◢
《 Full Name 》Donatella Bolhen
《 Nickname(s) 》Dona
《 Age 》30-35
《 Birthday 》September 13th
《 Gender 》Female
《 Sexual Orientation 》Lesbian
《 Ethnic Background 》English
《 Species/Race 》Human (Meta)

◤Physical Characteristics◢
《 Figure 》Average/Athletic
《 Height 》5’9”
《 Weight 》164 Ibs
《 Hair Color 》Brunette/Graying
《 Hair Style》Loose or in a bun
《 Eye Color 》Blue
《 Scars 》Multiple small and large
《 Tattoos/Piercings 》Earrings
《 Accessories 》None
《 Meta Capabilities (if any) 》Ability to steal others’ powers
《 Extra 》Donatella’s ability is negated by the fact that she will age faster for every power she steals

《 General Summary 》Cold and distant. Donatella was raised to be the perfect daughter and pushed to achieve greatness at all costs by her mother, pushing her to become a perfectionist. She has little to no regard for others, only caring for her goals and missions with a cold as ice attitude.
《 Likes 》Whiskey, playing cards, collecting valuables, foreign oddities
《 Dislikes 》Memories of her childhood, aging, being told no, being restrained
《 Habits 》Twisting her hair around her finger or obsessively checking the mirror
《 Fears 》Dying young

◤Physical and Mental Health◢
《 General Health 》
《 Smoker? 》No
《 Drinker? 》Yes
《 Drug User? 》No
《 Extra 》
《 Maturity 》Mature
《 Mental Illnesses 》
《 Thinker or Action Taker? 》Thinker
《 Extra 》

《 Family 》
Agatha ➺ mother, estranged
Donny ➺ father, deceased
《 Friends 》
Sadie ➺ best friend
Jarrick ➺ best friend
《 Enemies 》Any competitors
《 Extra 》Donatella takes competition personally and will put her cruelest foot forward in rivalry

➺ Born and raised by a high strung woman and a carefree pirate, Donatella grew and lived to see both parts of her parents included in her. She learned a great deal from her father before his death, and she took it to heart as a young child. After his passing at sea, her mother’s cruel parenting style destroyed her young spirit, though, and resulted in the cruel and vain woman that she is today. She carries a great deal of resentment, hence why she fled from home and became a pirate and now captains her own ship.

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