Eris Antoniaki

◤Basic Info◢
《 Full Name 》Eris Antoniaki
《 Nickname(s) 》Firecracker (family)
《 Age 》Varies
《 Birthday 》August 18th
《 Gender 》Female
《 Sexual Orientation 》Lesbian
《 Ethnic Background 》Greek
《 Species/Race 》Human (Meta)

◤Physical Characteristics◢
《 Figure 》Athletic
《 Height 》5’11”
《 Weight 》159 Ibs
《 Hair Color 》Blonde
《 Hair Style》Long and loose
《 Eye Color 》Brown
《 Scars 》Multiple small and large
《 Tattoos/Piercings 》Earrings
《 Accessories 》None
《 Meta Capabilities (if any) 》Fire Elemental
《 Extra 》Eris will lie and say she’s 6’0” if asked. She will not admit she is 5’11” even if measured.

《 General Summary 》Childish and albeit very promiscuous, Eris doesn’t like to let things tie her down. While she enjoys doing what is best for her, she was still raised to care, and once her trust and loyalty are earned, they will remain with a person for life. However, if she were to be betrayed, it is a bridge that can never be built again.
《 Likes 》Cooking, baking, sparring, setting things on fire
《 Dislikes 》Being told what to do, being treated like a child, being looked down upon
《 Habits 》Setting things on fire accidentally (and on purpose)
《 Fears 》That she will have to see the ones she loves be hurt

◤Physical and Mental Health◢
《 General Health 》
《 Smoker? 》No
《 Drinker? 》Occasionally
《 Drug User? 》No
《 Extra 》Eris is allergic to marijuana. If she can smell it via second hand smoke she will sneeze and cough and get watery eyes. If it is rubbed on her skin she will develop red bumps. If she consumes or smokes it she will go into anaphylactic shock.
《 Maturity 》Immature
《 Mental Illnesses 》
《 Thinker or Action Taker? 》Action Taker
《 Extra 》

《 Family 》
Adonis ➺ father, somewhat close
Helena ➺ mother, somewhat close
Theocharis ➺ older brother, friendly
Alastor ➺ older brother, friendly
Aleksandros ➺ older brother, friendly
Kostas ➺ younger brother, friendly (Janus twin)
Janus ➺ younger brother, friendly (Kostas twin)
Chrysaor ➺ younger brother, close
Eirene ➺ younger sister, friendly
《 Friends 》No notable friends
《 Enemies 》No notable enemies
《 Extra 》Eris has some mending bonds in her family after a few years apart from them after a less than fortunate coming out

➺ Eris was born and raised in a large, impoverished family that lived and worked on their farm. She grew up a wild child, all of her siblings being elementals just like herself, although she was the only one that manipulated fire. Being the middle child meant she got along well with both her older and younger siblings, but things went awry after she was outed by a girl that she spent the night with. After that, she fled home and delved into piracy. It took years, but she has since made amends with her family and helped them out of poverty, but things are still a bit awkward sometimes.

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