Rules and guidlines

1. I have zero tolerance for Misandry of any kind. Apparently I have to mention that here.

2. Woof woof sniff sniff sneeze awoo grr woof

3. Like all of us "beautiful" people, I am still not perfect so yes it is possible I will make a grammatical error. --(wow shocker) -- If so ever happens don't make a big deal about it. Unfortunately some people treat such honest mistakes like it's the end of the world.

4. If we're gonna RP together, you need a character ready and we must discuss a plot unless you wanna play the wildcard and we improvise.

5. I am strictly a furry so that means I'd rather not play as 'humanoid' characters. Only anthros and ferals. Don't say I didn't warn you

7. Sometimes I need some extra time to think of a response as would anyone else who gets stuck in a rp from time to time. I'd rather not half-ass it and give you a lousy response now would I?

8. People have disagreements sometimes and that's okay. We should respect each other's limits and boundaries. *cough cough* Harley

9. If you add me, I expect a message and vice versa. I'll still probably message you first either way though lol.

10. Don't be that kind of person who's only here for their own "agenda". Be open minded.

11. your response needs to be at least two sentences. Don't kill the RP with a half-assed reply. Either give it your all or give it later.

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a yeeting to the moon.
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50 | Oct 5th 2020 23:15