MHA oc #2

Name : Ash Winterheart

Age : 15

Quirk : Druid*

Hero name : Silvis

Personality: quiet, kind, caring, calm and collected, logical, an absolute nightmare when pissed, stubborn, no tolerance for B.S.

Other : carries a 12 inch celtic dagger, Blind, has wolf ears and tail, half irish, has a pet owl that acts as his support animal

Bio: Telum had no traumatic childhood, he grew up with his mother and father and his pet owl named Aegis, his father was a blacksmith from Ireland, his mother a police officer, of which he learned hand to hand combat during junior high, but an accident during a science experiment in a chemistry class where it quite literally blew up in his face left him blind, thanks to his quirk though he could understand aegis, who became his seeing eye animal he transferred to U.A. shortly after bumping into the fighting festival ending up in class 1A

(He looks like the picture but with no scar and grey glossed over eyes)

*the quirk allows for speaking with animals, control over plant life (yes including the ones made from other plant based quirks but is limited for example the plant can not be a part of a persons' body to be controlled, it must be separate), and awareness of one's surroundings in areas with mass plant life, increased strength speed and agility
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