She meets Jingyi again a few hours after, at work. He looks in such a good mood and when he arrives, she can't help but ask. "What you had to do, did it go well?"
Jingyi nods and smiles slightly. "Ye...and did you go home safely?" He places his hands on her shoulders.
Her eyes widen at his behaviour. "What are you doing? We should start working..."
"Ye, ye..." He pats her shoulders and moves his hands away. "Let's work!"

He follows her and stands serious in certain places, while acts playful and relaxed in others. Jingyi is starting to know the Palace too.
Mun, at first, tries to ignore his playful attitude but ends up finding it cute and chuckling.
When it is time for their break... "Do you want to eat together?" He asks, clearing his throat while looking away.
She blinks. Didn't I tell him he had to forget? - she thinks. "I'm eating with my friend..."
"Can't I come?" He lowers his gaze, slightly nervous.
"It would be better not, but...I'll see you in a hour." She bows her head and turns around to walk away. Before to go, she feels something grabbing her. He hugs her from behind. "See you later..."
She breaks free. "Ye, bye!" She waves her hand then hurries to leave, feeling so awkward.

She goes to meet with Noriyori in the garden for lunch. She waits for her when she suddenly receives a magic mail. | Mianhe, I cannot come, let's meet tonight instead! |
She rolls her eyes. "She probably is with her trophy boyfriend." She mutters. "Aigoo... I needed to talk to you!" She sighs and just sits down.
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1 | May 15th 2019 14:49
Onibugi "Bah. They pretend to be like that, you just wait when they get used to it, they'll become the worst because they have whole years to recover!" Or more realistically their women will imprison them in bedroom.
"Well, you are a weird person and I really don't manage to understand you." Starting from refusing to become Empress to becoming priestess.
"But then why did you have to mention it at all?" he whines.
"He is either greedy or he doesn't care about hygiene, which is sick..." He shivers.
"As if I spoke to the Commandant at all."
WENCH "Pretend? I heard he waited six years before doing it with his girlfriend! is not that it is is the most pleasureble thing, probably..." She coughs.
She nods. "I am weird. I am also a mess, if we think about all the changes, bride, priestress, now nothing..." She doesn't feel bad, she thinks it was the right decision. "Only appa might be disappointed, he liked me being priestress." She snorts.
"Maybe I am evil inside, under all this softness and love.
Ugh...he is not a Shinobi so it is probably the second..." She shivers as well. "How can it be.
Good. You don't talk to anyone who could put me in an unpleasant position."
Onibugi "His girlfriend would be MY SISTER, for the record. It's only natural he is terrified to do anything with her, because ONE wrong step and he becomes fish feed!" Suuuure.
"You sound more desperate than a 40 year old cairen - a mortal one - who has never been picked by the ruler to lie with him yet."
He shrugs. "Everyone is evil, just some manifest it under different circumstances."
He smirks. "But Jeonha might like to hear."
WENCH ''I know, and I think she is even luckier than Noriyori, Yoshi is so righteous! Luckily I don't have an older brother...'' She says at his jealousy words.
''Aniyo, that was yesterday. Now I'm less desperate. After gossipping and complaining for good, I always feel better.'' She nods.
She coughs at his words. ''Aniyo...aniyo, I'm sure he wouldn't like!'' She shakes her head. ''He is not interested to know what am I doing!''
Onibugi "As if it was so hard to find righteous people. Look at how righteous I myself am!" Uhm...
"You make it sounds as if it was thanks to me and that feels awkward."
He ponders. "To tell the truth, if I was him I would love to hear such things! It'd be such an enjoyable gossip to receive from someone who caused you annoyance!"