Amrir - Fantasy OC (not fully written down)

Name: Amrir
Age: (variable)
Race: Dragon
Element: Metal
Gender: Male

Abilities: Amrir can transform into a human, and back into a dragon. He has a masterful telepathic-like control over any type of metal. This was infused as part of his biological abilities, as familiar as walking or breathing, meaning he can use it in areas that restrict magic or such abilities.

Appearance (Dragon): As a dragon, Amrir is far larger than any other of his kind, able to make them look pathetically small compared to his size. As a child, approximately 14 in relative human years, he was the size of most adults. He has an absurd wingspan as well, even for the size of his body. Amrir's scales themselves are layered in steel.
(Human): (Youth): In his youth, Amrir appears to be a 10-13 year old boy, with messy black hair. His eyes are green.
(Teens): As a teenager, Amrir looks 15-17, with longer hair that still remains untidy. He is still cleanfaced, though he has several scars over him. He wears a light tunic, and simple brown shorts or pants.
(Adult): As an adult, Amrir's hair is beginning to look a little better, when flicked about it settles down in an acceptable charming mess. He adopts more handsome features, along with the beginnings of stubble along his chin. He is of average height. He wears a leather tunic enlaid with steel, along with a plain cream undershirt and brown pants/trousers. He holds more scars, but is also more muscled.

Personality: Amrir is foolish and rash, being young for a dragon, and taking on far too much. He won't hesitate to kill if it required, and sometimes if it isn't. Really, he's rather emotional when he's vulnerable, and desperately longs for relations with others. He often makes bad decisions, which he deeply regrets, and feels he needs to suffer punishment.

Ideals: Amrir wishes to see a world where dragons are not persecuted, where either dragons are elevated, or all races are equal.

Bio: (this is really overdue, wow-- I'll devote some time to writing it down soon)

Quote: "Even distant or partial kin is still kin."

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all my OCs, feel free to suggest some too:

What kind of drunk are they: Confused (Doesn't know what being drunk is)
Lightweight (I'm talking one drink down lightweight)

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