Revel In Death and Destruction

"I'm sorry that you'll never experience what it's like to kill you."

The unfortunate sod on the floor twitched, the crimson blood gurgling in his throat as he extended his hand to the male standing over him as if the demon would save him. Maximilian chuckled, his terrifying teeth glistening from the moonlight that illuminated the office before leaning down and gazing into the dead man's eyes.

"If it makes you feel any better," the murderer mumbled in his British accent, "perhaps I'll see you again and we can go dine somewhere classy, eh?"

The oaf suddenly let his last breath slip though his parted mouth before his fidgeting halted. Maximilian sighed in relief before standing back up and peeking out the window, noticing a few more goons had arrived in their suits and armed with automatic weaponry. The look on their faces when they saw the mutilated corpses sprawled about the warehouse's entrance made him laugh before he crept into the shadows, his ruby colored eyes witnessing the gunmen enter the warehouse. There was only five of them so for Maximilian this was going to be extremely simple. The goons carried Thompson M1 machine guns, weapons which can shred through normal mortal but the thing is the demon obviously isn't no mortal being, constricted by the laws of life and death. It seems more like he was death itself in a way, the harbinger of destruction -- but that's a future goal in his bucket list. He was occupied with making these men scream at the moment.

The five men were closely packed together, each watching a side of the building as if believing they were prepared for whatever killed the men. Sadly, they must be expecting a few hostiles to pop out and armed with guns, but Maximilian didn't require some petty weapons. He was his weapon. He leaped off a pile of crates, thrusting his hand forward at the group and felt the kinetic force zoom from his hand to the idiots, sending them flying and reveling in their shocked screams. One fired his weapon as he flew, sending bullets into the ceiling before his neck cracked on the edge of crate. The demon bolted for the closest fool, snapping his fingers to cause flames to burst in his right hand and squeezing the man's face, a grin forming as the poor henchman's face began literally melting off and smoke rose as he could nothing but scream til his demise. The three remaining stumbled to their feet and Maximilian was swift to grab the gun from his nearest victim and use his telekinesis to hurl at lethal speeds at a dazed man, the gun shredding a bit through his head but ultimate not all the way through, but it was enough for the new corpse to slump to the floor.

The last two survivors fired their guns, the bullets spraying all over the place as they took no heed to aim. Maximilian merely yawned and began strolling over to them, allowing a few bullets to pierce his chest and one which scraped his leg. Blood oozed from his wounds yet he didn't stop or show any excruciating agony from the wounds that would probably kill a man.

One of the two exclaimed, "He's not human, Vinnie!"

Poor Vinnie wouldn't respond though since Maximilian placed his hand on the goon's chest before releasing another wave of the violent kinetic energy, causing bones and organs to rip from the flesh and create a hand sized hole in the back of him before he himself flew through the air once again, his guts splattering on the wall.

"Vinnie will get back to you later, alright love?" Maximilian chuckled, raising both his hands at the final attacker.

"No," the man screamed before falling on the ground, slowly crawling back. "Please, don't do this! I got a family! Please, God no!"

"Sadly, I'm not God nor do I give a damn."

The thug wanted to probably beg again but Maximilian shut that sh*t down by letting flames shoot from both his hands, roasting the bastard alive as he rolled about and screamed before his life ended and the flames continued to cook him. Maximilian closed his eyes and was disappointed the conflict took only a minute or so. The goons had accomplished their goal of discovering who killed their second-in-command, but sadly they failed in telling their boss who will be sh*tting his pants tomorrow. After all, Maximilian was meant to kill him and not these fools, but he couldn't help himself! He wanted to strike terror in their ranks so their screams would be all the more satisfying tomorrow when he would slaughter them all and accomplish his task. Then again, the demon just enjoyed killing a bit and perhaps he just wanted more death. He opened his eyes and saw the corpse of his last victim still burning, and thus he made sure to keep his distance. He loved his powers of fire, but flames did always scare him since they're entirely untrustworthy. After all, they do just burn whatever they want and he didn't want to be in their path of destruction, though regardless they can do impressive work.

Maximilian's job here was finished and he paced towards the exit, the grin still on his face and his blonde hair flowing with the wind that howled from outside, blowing through the exit's doorway. His life ended when he murdered his family and the cops walked in on him consuming their corpses but that didn't mean he was going to rot in Hell. Instead, he was going to bring Hell to the surface where he can revel in death and destruction -- and he wouldn't want it any other way.


I really just wrote this because I was bored and wanted to show off my newest character I suppose a bit. Maximilian Grimband, the demon who's afraid of fire and a unique hitman, indeed.
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