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(Kay Grace )
24 / Female / Single
Hometown- New York Current- Cali - United States
Kay Grace is originally from New York. She's a 5'9 girl who works multiple jobs to make ends meet out in Cali where she lives now. Working at the same coffee shop for over 4 years she had met a lot of people and made some amazing connections. She's a frequent smoker (weed) and she loves a good time but also her bed. Kay is a person of many secrets, and it’s your job to figure them out. There's something mystifying about her, perhaps it's her perseverance or perhaps it's simply her gentleness. But nonetheless, people tend to wish to get to know her better, while trying to subtly look for her downfall.

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Shades asked the question
Q. I'm catching up babygirl so bare with me. A little slow haha
A. All good baby, Glad to see you're back!
 Aug 17th 2023 10:29

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You are so kind. I really enjoy our role play too! You keep things fun and interesting and I appreciate that! :)
May 25th 2023 12:26