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California - United States

Raw, Exclusive and Unplugged!

Each week we will have a featured artist or celebrity nominated by you the fans, where we dive into their careers, personal lives and what makes them, them. Getting to know the face that we've all come to love...or hate.

How things will work:
Two weeks before an interview we will have a poll to see who's on the cutting block next then
during the week prior of an interview we'll be open for fans to submit their questions to our DM where you can enter your own question suggestions *they can be what ever you want them to be but please note not all questions will be asked or answered*.

We are also open for anonymous gossip tidbit if you've got a little bit of 'secret' gossip on a celebrity let us know... We all like a little bit of juicy news.
For those anonymous tips drop us a line at:

this page is NOT for OOC or serious drama
under no circumstance will it be tolerated

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'We are constant moments,
In a life time of memories'

Let's make the most of what we have.

2  Feb 21st 2024 21:07

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