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(Princess -Queen of Twilight)
114 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
Hello all I'm your friendly neighborhood princess note my characters are versatile in roleplay means they shape to whatever setting or verse

[My Character Story]
" My name's Alice I May look young but I'm not. I'm not the sweet blushing type
I have a few scars yes and a bunch of powers which is cool I guess and I'm a hopeless romantic
I'm 156 years old in witch years but Appear in my mid 20s in human I have magic powers simple as that I have vampire powers an wolf powers too
I'm A female my hair long black down to my waist my skin is a ivory color and my lips a rose red my eyes a soft icy turquoise
My mom told me that I'd find that one thing that truly matters above all else"

Name| Alice Kitiara Valerious

Age| 23

Species| Tribrid (half witch, half wolf ,half vampire )

Nicknames| Ally Bear ( @Protective_Hybrid), Ally , Little wolf (Klaus), Allycat (@Unrequited_Souls) Ali(@DarkPsychology)

Orgin of birth| Tijani

Cuarrent place of living | Tijani


Best Friend | @Unrequited_Souls

Familiar /protector |

Playby| ksenia solo

Sexual Orientation | bisexual

Issues| Depression ' Psychological ,anxiety

Occupation| Assassin ,Coroner aka Medical examiner ,bartender

Biological Mother| Keaira Valerious

Adoptive families| @Guardian_of_Destiny

Biological father| Kasen Valerious

Daughters| Sophia Neko (deceased) , Marie mason , isabo mason , sitara mason ,Maria Rose DeathRunner

Sons| Caleb neal pierce, Henrik Salem Mikaelson, keil mason ,Tristen Conner (Adopted), Arthur Collin DeathRunner

Adopted brothers | @Warrior_Vampire, @Protective_Hybrid

Love Intreast |

Eye color| soft icy turquoise

Hair Color | jet black ,blonde ,pink waist length hair color varies

Height| five foot one inch

Weight | 112 pounds

Talents| knows how to cook , Clean ,Sew clothes , Owns A camero

Personality | sweet yet sadistic cold yet seducing caring yet heartless loving yet fearless she's a really down to earth girl very romantic hopelessly romantic refuses to give up very head strong and relentless and talented with words very flirtatious and loyal sweet as candy can come off cold if humanity is off seductive like a succubus gentle like the wind sultry and calming like a siren graceful and tough like a Phoenix

Likes| wolves , her cat Salem , roses , Romance , long walks on the beach , Flirty men and pumpkin Spice

Dislikes| rudeness, idiots, and hell hounds ,bad guys

Ice control
Fire control
Time control
Accelerated healing
Summon the dead
Ice formation
Weather control
Forsight ( premonition)
Astral Projection
Elemental Control
Healing .
Heat & Fire Manipulation and Controlling
Mind Control
Power Absorption
Power Stripping
Premonition Projection
Pyrokinetic Combustion
Rapid Cell Regeneration
The ability to see and talk to the recently deceased
Shadow Bending/Control/Manipulation

Weapons| daggers , knives , swords , Guns, Hidden blades in gloves throwing starss

Bio | born in the Realm of Tijani to The king an Queen .She was moved After a war had broke out in Tijani her mother thought by putting her daughter in a small village would keep the werewolf born witch safe from any harm to come to her let alone did she know her daughter was being hunted by a man named Khorne . She fell in love twice over the span of her life Alice stayed with Claire and rose after alice had frozen the pipes at their house only to meet Claire's brother Collin and fell madly in love with him most wolves call this imprinting he was her soul mate an second love and than become cold when he went came back in a coma to most Alice's first love was never known

( original Character don't steal don't copy :")

( original Character don't steal )

Latest Status

Someone told me, "Stay away from things that aren't yours"
But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

Pacify her
She's getting on my nerves
You don't love her
Stop lying with those words

Pacify her
She's getting on my nerves
You don't love her
Stop lying with those words, word, word

Mood: headphones
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Q. You make a perfect Yandare
A. I'm insane an proud kord
 Feb 18th 2019 15:29

Q. (I knew it was a resident 4 reference silly. We both play a lot of games)

Nah I'm good, I think I'll stick with what I got.
A. (( good dork ))

Not very much you have no booty
 Jun 5th 2018 18:08

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Oct 7th 2019 20:58

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 7th 2019 20:51

That's okay, don't want to sound cheesy but I mean it. :)
Jul 3rd 2018 09:51

Hey sweetie. :)
Thanks for accepting.
Jun 26th 2018 15:42

Kitty? Want some pets and love?
Jun 19th 2018 23:54

hahaha....thank you dearie for accepting my request....hehehe....lets have so much fun together....hahahaha
Feb 22nd 2018 13:19

Happy birthday !!
Feb 18th 2018 02:16

What's wrong?
Sep 5th 2017 00:28

Aug 1st 2017 23:29

Hello, I'm moonlight Le Blanc well it's just a stage name, thank you for accepting my friend request and look forward to possible friendship and great storylines.
XOXO, Adrienne Petrov
Apr 8th 2017 11:17