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I'm home!
Mood: happy
0  Nov 7th 2021 18:06

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Nice profile picture.
Nov 24th 2021 14:57

Im alright juat a bit bored lol
Nov 4th 2021 20:15

Whats up
Nov 4th 2021 19:50

Nov 2nd 2021 18:16

Oct 26th 2021 10:48

Oct 6th 2021 10:41

you are a really really nice person
Oct 6th 2021 06:49

Sep 29th 2021 11:51

It's true. You reply in a decent amount of time. You don't disappear for days at a time like most people I rp with. And you actually bring up things you want to add to the rp!
Sep 17th 2021 13:18

This person? Good at RP. Should you add her for quality rp? Yes.
Sep 17th 2021 12:17