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(Shark Teeth)
22 / Male / In a Relationship
New York, New York - United States
I'm Shark Teeth. I like sharks, animals, writing and art! Please read my rules and bio!

。゚•┈୨♡୧┈• 。゚


I can do MxM and MxF (I prefer to play F), and occasionally FxF. I try to have a diverse set of characters, but if none of my bios interest you I can always write a new OC for a roleplay.

I prefer darker themes, I am not super into fluff or slice of life. I like modern city settings, crime dramas, supernatural dramas, cyberpunk/scifi, Edwardian historical settings, and more! This is my main and only real nitpick, please do not come to me if you have one specific plot/character/etc. in mind you are inflexible on. I need flexibility, it's supposed to be fun for both of us

As far as fandoms I am into Resident Evil, Spiderman, Batman, Death Note, and Psycho Pass. I tend to use OCs, just in the same universe, but that doesn't have to stop you from using a canon character.

I am a Lit, Multi-Para roleplayer. I can be flexible with writing, characters and stories.
Also if you don't want to roleplay, feel free to ask me for shark facts :3

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Class is making me fight for my life- Will be back soooon
0  Sep 20th 2023 20:19

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Oh! I got it right ^^
I hope it was really fun!
Jun 25th 2023 11:37

Of course!! Was it today or yesterday?
Jun 25th 2023 11:22

Happy birthday if it’s today! If not, happy one day early birthday!
Jun 24th 2023 22:38