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Hey babe. How are u?
Sep 18th 2015 14:40

Maya just started her senior year of high school when she remembered that today was the day Harry left for Hogwarts. she had drooped the boys at daycare. She got a tear in her eye as she went to class. She missed Harry and felt like it was a long year. She had her best friends and her family but no Harry.
Aug 30th 2015 08:01

Yes. can we are rp?
Aug 30th 2015 07:39

kisses you back deep.
Aug 29th 2015 20:12

You're Welcome Babe.
Aug 29th 2015 20:11

Awe Babe I'm proud of you.
Aug 29th 2015 20:08

Awe. I'm glad.
Aug 29th 2015 19:26

Its ok you didn't hurt me. Awe when do you wanna get marry? -kisses you-
Aug 29th 2015 19:22

I love you so much I wanna marry you. I'm sorry if I hurt you.
Aug 29th 2015 19:13

I miss you babe.
Aug 29th 2015 19:10