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34 / Female / Single
Not saying., North Carolina - United States
What to say here? It's been years. XD So long that it seems My old account was deleted. XD Well I am a Roleplayer of all kinds of Genres. Yes I have Multiple characters. What can I say? My imagination is over active. I do have a account on Aniroleplay as well. I might bring some characters from there here. But any RPs I had will not come. I will not deal with haters of any kind. Any RL talk...keep it friendship. please, no rl drama? PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR DISCORD! I am slower to reply there. And I seem to let people down allot due to that. Also Never judge anyone you have yet to meet!! Just because I'm a Furry or whatever dose not mean I'm like others you have seen/met. Just because I RP Multiple OC's dose not mean I'm looking for sm*t or stuff like that.(I'd like to rp out many stories, that have nothing to do with romance let alone that stuff Damn it!!! XP )) Also, PLEASE GIVE ME AT LEAST A WEEK TO REPLY?! I tend to lose messages when I fall behind. My muse might be blah or I'm overwhelmed atm. Please at least give me a week before you unfriend me? Um...that's all I think...Oh!!! Yes I will hug all that I meet. XD And please let me know who of my characters You'd like to meet.^^
DISCLAMER: DO NOT!! I REPEAT!! DO NOT COME TO ME ASKING FOR PURE SM*T/ERO!!! For F*** sake!! Yes It's fine if it happens in our story. But that's WITH A STORY!!! I'm here for a story, not to get my freak on or whatever. Sorry if this is ranty or rude. It's just getting on my nerves.
Note: The Music vid is BANG! By Miyavi, He's a J-pop/rock artist. You should check him out if haven't yet.^^ His music is almost always full of energy!!

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