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26 / Male / Married
Defiance, Ohio - United States
(not a good person.)
Looking to get back into RPing as a hobby - mainly as a means of brushing up my creative writing. Happy to work out a story with anybody; I’m a pretty flexible roleplayer.

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maybe if we kiss the funny face of apocalypse
it would be so relieving if we all stopped breathing thats all
1  Jul 3rd 2020 18:54

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Q. RP?
A. Yes! I’ve been pulling overtime recently on some 12 hour shifts, but I’ll make sure to get a reply sent tonight.
 Nov 5th 2019 21:17

Q. Hey there, hows the porch coming along? :D you gonna share how it looks here? I am quite curious
A. Sorry for not answering earlier, I’m just seeing this. :( I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! I’ll post a picture in a second.
 Oct 13th 2019 17:37

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